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Global Market Coverage

KFH Research Ltd is the world's first Islamic investment research arm to be established by an Islamic Bank. A direct subsidiary of Kuwait Finance House, KFH Research was established in 2007, comprising of industry professionals and star research analysts with broad experience in Islamic finance & global markets.

Based in Malaysia, KFH Research plays a crucial role in linking the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries with the rest of Asia and other emerging Islamic financial markets. The research house produces a wide range of publications which covers an analysis of macroeconomic and sector trends, country-specific issues and trends, currency movements, commodities, developments in Islamic capital markets as well as sovereign and investment products.

Through its research, the company provides insightful, objective and decisive thoughts and arguments designed to enable divisions within the Kuwait Finance House Group as well as its corporate clients to make informed investment decisions.

What We Do?

Kuwait Finance House Research provides global research coverage with in-depth analyses, to engage in knowledge sharing and create a value-added culture to advance Islamic markets.

We are proud to be the first Islamic bank with a dedicated research team and believe that our economic, capital markets and Islamic research will serve to enhance our services to you.

  • Extensive Coverage

    Our coverage spans from the Asia Pacific region to the Middle East and includes a wide–range of topics on economics, capital markets and Islamic research.

  • Knowledge Sharing

    Intensive economics and financial strategy know–how allows us to provide a global, customised client service.

  • Quality Independent Research

    In–depth analysis and timely updates on key issues impacting the global economic and capital market outlook.

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